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Make the switch to Excel 2013

Watch these videos to make the switch to Excel 2013. Get started with the new version to see how to do everyday tasks.


How things are organized

This video shows you the three major places to find things: in the workbook, on the ribbon, and in the Backstage.


Add numbers in Excel 2013

Watch these videos to see how Excel 2013 makes it easy to add numbers using formulas, buttons, and functions (such as the SUM and SUMIF functions).


Create a chart

Charts provide a visual representation of your data, making it easier to analyze. Each type of chart highlights data differently. And some charts canít be used with some types of data.


Freeze or lock panes

You want to scroll down and see your rows of data, but when you get to the bottom of the screen, your column names in the top row have disappeared. To fix this, you freeze the top row so that it's always visible. Good news Ė the command is easy to get to. Click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row.